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Enjoy and relax outdoors next to the warm glow of a fire pit in Sacramento.

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Fire Pits Installation and Customization by Cali’s Finest Landscaping

There’s nothing quite like relaxing outdoors next to the warm glow of a fire pit in Sacramento. With the great weather we enjoy, adding a fire pit to your home is a smart investment that you’ll enjoy for years to come!

What Kind of Fire Pits are Available?

Fire pits come in a wide range of sizes, colors and even materials. As a landscaping feature, a permanent fire pit is generally made of fire-resistant bricks, clay or stone. Fire pits in Sacramento can often become the focal point of a backyard.

But fire pits aren’t just for decoration. You can use them to add a rustic light and warmth to an area, but in addition, you can also have a grill installed over the top and cook on them. This ensures more flavorful food, and if the grill is large enough, you can cook for a whole group!

Are Fire Pits Safe?

Absolutely! Permanent fire pits installed by our Sacramento fire pit professionals are installed with walls to prevent stray sparks from getting out. In addition, a wire mesh across the top of the pit can help provide added peace of mind. If you have a gas fire pit installed, the fire can be lowered or intensified with a knob, making it easy to easy to control and adjust.

There are many different options for fire pits, so if you’re not sure what kind you’d like to have, what material it should be, or any other features, give Cali’s Finest Landscaping a call and let us come to you with a variety of styles and options. You’ll be amazed at the selection, value and the aesthetic that an authentic fire pit can add to your home.

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