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From Beautiful Landscaping to Driveway Pavers and More - Cali’s Finest are Your Sacramento Landscaping Professionals

When you want the very best landscaping company in Sacramento, call Cali’s Finest. Our landscaping team can create a whole new look for your lawn, garden or yard. Have an architectural plan or drawing? We can definitely work with that! Here are just a few of the many landscaping services we provide in Sacramento:

Grass and Lawn
We can take care of your grass and lawn, creating a look that’s lush, beautiful and vivid. Be the envy of all your neighbors with a properly seeded and cared-for lawn that delivers the perfect degree of “curb appeal”.

There are a wide range of plants that create the perfect atmosphere for your lawn and property. Let’s discuss your needs and landscaping goals in greater detail so that we can formulate a plan together for the best use of plants in the lawn and garden that not only create an attractive design, but also a unique aesthetic that only true landscaping professionals can provide.

Removal and Site Preparation
The very first step for any landscaping job, large or small, is to remove unwanted debris and prepare the site for its new look. At Cali’s Finest landscaping, we can handle proper site preparation so that the end result looks better than you imagined!

Minor Grading
Want to create a bit of a slope or flatten an area? We can help! Our Sacramento Landscaping team can perform minor grading services to create a slight slope or other slight adjustments to the property to create a look you’ll love!

New Irrigation System Installation
Want the ease of watering your lawn or garden without having to suffer in the scorching Sacramento sun? Let Cali’s Finest landscaping install your new irrigation system and enjoy the freedom of smart technology to keep your lawn and garden looking great!

No matter what your landscaping needs, let Cali’s Finest use our years of experienced to provide you with competitive pricing, impressive attention to detail and service that’s designed to amaze and delight you!

Our contractors are both licensed and insured and we’re happy to provide free estimates for all your landscaping projects! Call today at (916) 757-7200 and tell us about your landscaping goals!

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